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Our Team

Dr. Jacob Fimple, DDS, MMSc

Dr. Jacob Fimple, an Omaha native, is proud to be part of the Omaha community. He greatly enjoys nature and strives to maintain fitness as an integral part of his life. Outside of the office, most of his time is spent with family.

Through endodontic therapy, Dr. Fimple expresses his desire to provide excellent care to people on a daily basis. In particular, Dr. Fimple finds it most rewarding to offer comfort and relief to patients in pain and to preserve teeth that would otherwise be lost using the mos up to date technology. Seeing patients resume their normal life after an infection or serious tooth-ache is very satisfying. Dr. Fimple possesses a natural ability to empathize with patients and he understands the patient’s need for comfort and attention.

This exciting field of dentistry has been blessed with a vast number of recent advances. “I believe it is my duty to incorporate available technology that is proven safe, in an effort to offer the most comfortable and effective treatment to my patients.”

Our office employs digital radiography, which has been shown to reduce the radiation exposure to patients by as much as 90%. Additionally, images are displayed instantly and the need for toxic chemicals is eliminated. What's more, we have dental operating microscopes which allow for extreme magnification inside the tooth to look for extra canals, cracks, and other factors that could affect the prognosis of the treatment.

Dr. Fimple enjoyed the great experience of serving patients in a private practice setting for three years in the Boston area. Additionally, instructing students at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine as well as currently at Creighton University’s Dental School. This has offered Dr. Fimple the opportunity to contribute knowledge and experience to our future dentists.

Learn more about Dr. Fimple's here.

    Gabriela Dinu, Patient Care Coordinator

    Gabi has a high level of energy allowing her to be THE expert multitasker and organizer in the office. Also this quality gained her the nickname "Ninja" or "The Brain". She loves helping patients in pain and takes pride helping general dental offices to schedule patients in a timely manner. When a patient is in pain, if not treated , a root canal case could become very serious.

    "I love when calling to check on patients after a root canal procedure... how patients are able now to chew using the tooth we treated, or enjoying hot coffee or icecream with no pain. Also, with all the advancements, modern technology and our gentle and caring specialists, the root canal is SO easy! Patients are always in good hands here, receiving honest care.

    The general dentists referring patients to our office know that their patients are welcomed, respected and receiving exceptional care. They also know that we create a very flexible schedule, getting their patients in the same day. "

    Outside her mission, Gabi loves gardening and raising her own food - she lives on a farm with her husband, her hens, cattle and 2 cats, Starving Marvin and Charlie Chaplin. Gabi speaks fluently Romanian, French and Dental. She has worked in the European advertising arena prior to gaining her dental expertise in the United States.

      Ana, Sterilization Tech

      Ana understands how important her role is as a sterilization and maintenance technician. She deeply appreciates being part of our professional team at Advanced Endodontic Therapy. She proves it every day through her work ethic and dedication.

      "I like making sure that all instruments are sterilized while OSHA standards are respected, and patients are always safe. It is an important aspect of the root canal procedure. Cross contamination and infection control are vital parts of the success of each procedure, therefore the success of our practice."

      When not helping her team members and patients, Ana loves spending time with her family and getting cooking delicious treats for her fellow staff members.

        Melissa, Clinic Administrator

        Melissa, born and raised in California, joins the Advanced Endodontic Therapy team bringing her vast experience in health care and customer service. She loves helping patients in pain and making sure that all emergency patients are helped promptly.

        She is an enthusiasm/smile expert and has a great personality when interacting with team members, patients and referring offices. She is fluent in Spanish and takes pride translating for patients on complicated endodontic treatment plans, answering all the questions with confidence and care.

        "I am very eager to learn and develop professionally. Advanced Endodontic Therapy offers a great learning opportunity through organizing fun workshops, classes, events for the team members. Being part of a motivated and inspiring team, working in a specialty modern endodontic office, offering the best endodontic treatment, makes me be proud and challenges me to strive to achieve higher goals every day."

        When not helping her team members and patients, Melissa loves being involved in outdoor events and discovering Nebraska's trails together with her AMAZING toddler, Wyatt.

          Sulin, Endodontic Dental Assistant

          Sulin is very dedicated to the mission on helping patients in pain and saving their teeth through the modern microscopic endodontic procedure offered by the Advanced Endodontic team of specialists. Sulin is fluent in Spanish and always offers her Spanish language expertise, translating for Dr. Fimple and for patients on endodontic treatment plans.

          "Through exceptional clinical dental work and high standards of customer service, I am proud to be part of the premier endodontic office in NE. This is a great responsibility and a great honor as well. Patients feel the care and warmth of our team when visiting with us. Although in pain, patients know how to detect great care...caring staff and doctors."

            Ryan Songcuan, Patient Care Coordinator

            Ryan joins our Advanced Endodontic staff after spending a few years in Washington, but is happy to return to his Omaha roots. When he joined the team, Ryan was new to the dental field, but quickly grasped the essential knowledge and is confident and competent in answering patient inquiries, all the while in a pleasant and calming manner.

            Outside of the office, Ryan is a sports fanatic, an avid fan of Nebraska football and Gonzaga basketball, as well as traveling the world every chance he gets.