Having a highly trained staff and cutting-edge technology is just part of the story at Advanced Endodontic Therapy.

As any patient will tell you, it’s how they feel when they are in the office and how they are treated by the doctor and the staff that really matter.

The team at Advanced Endodontic Therapy understands this, and that’s why they always strive to go above and beyond their patients’ expectation. From the minute they walk in the door, their patients feel they are cared about—not just as patients, but as people. Patients know they will always be greeted with a smile by the warm and friendly staff and be made to feel comfortable before their procedure.

The staff also prides itself on education, making sure each patient is fully informed about their procedure before it begins.

Working hand-in-hand with referring doctors and insurance companies is another way that the team takes care of the patient and ensures that no detail is missed. The last thing a patient needs to be worried about is getting paperwork from their primary dentist or submitting information to their insurance company. The AET team knows this and handles the details so their patients can focus on relaxing before and after their treatment.

Added attention to detail is another area in which the team excels. With unexpected extras like free neck pillows, free sedatives and x-rays and a relaxing and serene environment, Advanced Endodontic Therapy takes the anxiety out of the experience and replaces it with peace of mind. Dedication to their patients’ comfort is a hallmark of each team member and a key component of the clinic’s reputation.

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