Dear Dr. Fimple and Staff,

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience with you all.  I have never in my life visited an endodontic office that I felt so relaxed and felt that everyone was so caring for their patients.  Of course getting a root canal is not the most favorable procedure to receive, however, Dr. Fimple and his staff made this experience the best I have ever received.

The root canal I received at the end of last year was the worst experience I have received, the next morning I noticed that my lips and cheek were damaged by the drill.  I was in more pain than before because of the damage to my gums, lips, and cheek.

After Dr. Fimple’s procedure when I woke up this morning the pain is not even close to what I experienced before and I do not have any sores on the inside of my mouth. J You guys are all awesome!

On another note I enjoyed seeing how the staff interacted with one another in front of their patients and how Dr. Fimple treated the staff.  I have never seen that type of courtesy in any office I have visited before.  Showing such team work and respect to one another helps in the comfortableness in your patients and also reduces the stress of the patients.

Thank you again and I wish I had you all as my regular dentist office. J


Janet W.