Hello, Dr. Fimple and Gabi.  I just want to thank you guys for taking care of me today.  I am so happy that my toothache is gone and can go to vacation without pain and worry.  I was so much in pain and was about to knock my tooth out with Matt’s power drill.  The pain med that I was given did not work, though it made me loopy and places I called around says “we can put you in the schedule for next week”….. I was basically giving up and then a friend of mine told me to call you for help.  Anyhow, I am soooo lucky that I had a Dr. like you who understands patients immediate need and pain and urgency to fix the teeth.  As I said, Matt and I called around more than 10 places for help and no luck.  (They do not understand how much pain I am having!!)

Again, thank you so much for fixing my tooth.  I know you and your staff sacrificed your break and lunch time to fix my tooth.  I cannot thank you enough for you guys and I am the happiest person in the whole world right now!!!

I will tell everyone if they need an endodontist, go to see you!!! I will also tell my dentist to send all of his patients to you too!!!

You guys are the best!

Thank you,