Dr. Fimple,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with my patient experience.  Your website provided a great introduction to your service and was very useful in helping me research which endodontic office to select.  Everyone on your team was very professional, kind, knowledgeable, and introduced themselves.  I really appreciated the way each member of your staff managed up the others.  Wenever I got transferred a new person, I was introduced to them and was told they were great or I would be in good hands.

However, I especially want you to give Gabi a high five. As a human resources perfessional I have spent many hours training employees on customer service and currently train employees on the patient experience at Alegent Health.  So imagine my delight when I encountered Gabi.

·         Gabi has a very friendly and reassuring voice over the phone

-She contacted my insurance company to let me know how much I could expect to pay out of pocket at the time of the visit, she gave me a brief description of the procedure and advanced technology used by your office.  Reassuring me that your practice was worth me having this procedure done outside of my insurance network.

-She checked my comfort level with this procedure and tried to reduce my anxiety

-She gave me directions to your office

-Thanked me for choosing your office

·         Greeted me as soon as I  walked into the door, had all the paperwork ready, discussed billing to ensure I understood, and patiently walked me through all the paperwork.  Throughout this entire process she was also checking on my anxiety level and reassuring me that you were great at what you do, use the latest methods, and have the best technology.

·         As a patient it seemed that Gabi attended to my every need even asking if I need to use the facilities before going back to the chair

The assistant was wonderful in attending to my needs during the procedure.  After the procedure he re-reviewed the post care information you shared and checked for understanding.  Plus, his follow-up call on your behalf was thoughtful.

I am sure that you know your staff is great but there service level is truly spectacular.

High Five,

Rikki W.