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Dr. Fimple,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with my patient experience.  Your website provided a great introduction to your service and was very useful in helping me research which endodontic office to select.  Everyone on your team was very professional, kind, knowledgeable, and introduced themselves.  I really appreciated the way each member of your staff managed up the others.  Wenever I got transferred a new person, I was introduced to them and was told they were great or I would be in good hands.

The assistant was wonderful in attending to my needs during the procedure.  After the procedure he re-reviewed the post care information you shared and checked for understanding.  Plus, his follow-up call on your behalf was thoughtful.

I am sure that you know your staff is great but there service level is truly spectacular.

High Five,

Ricki W.



Everything went smooth from the apt scheduling, the upfront pricing, explanation of procedure, to costs.

Was greeted with a smile at the desk, the Dental assistant took great care to explain the set up, and process. She was professional, and caring. They offered to use sedation when i scheduled the apt, but i chose to go it without. Dentist made sure to explain the procedure, and make sure i knew the possible outcomes. Numbing worked fine for the work i had done, and I nearly fell asleep.

When completed, dental assistant, ane Dr explained the next steps, and gave scripts for possible infection, and pain control, if needed. Although i didn’t need to fill the prescriptions, it was nice to have them if i had needed.

Overall top notch, everything went well, and was affordable for what needed to be done. I would return if needed their services again. This is a real, honest, patient review. Not a family member, or friend. 😉


I had no previous experience with this office or these doctors, but did have previous experience with a root canal that was………less than pleasant! My dentist referred me here to a different doctor in the office, but he was unavailable. Dr. Kang was available much sooner so I took the appointment. Another wonderful perk was that I wasn’t able to take off work, so they got me a later appointment!! They ALLL took EXTREMELY good care of me & went above & beyond what I expected! I had a warm blanket, an iPod with headphones & Pandora to listen to during the procedure, & all the details were explained to me as they went along. My recovery has been better than expected & the office even called me a few days out to see how I was doing. I will be highly recommending this office to anyone who needs endodontic work done!!



Dr. Fimple and the entire practice is very talented, professional and thorough. I’ve had root canals at other dental practices and Advanced Endodontic Therapy is the best experience I’ve had. Nobody is thrilled to get a root canal, but if you need one, I would highly recommend.



Dr. Kang and his staff were Awesome…I came in with a bad tooth ache and they took x-rays and found the problem right away..I had a root canal done and very very little pain it was fixed….I highly recommend this place to get your tooth problems done.. Thank You Dr Kang and staff..very very friendly bunch.. Right Price Too…



Hi, I just want to tell you that I love you all for taking me in yesterday at the last minute when my own dentist just kept prescribing stronger pain meds.  You made it go away, so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring about my pain.  You have no idea what you did for me yesterday, but again I thank you.





Hello, Dr. Fimple and Gabi.  I just want to thank you guys for taking care of me today.  I am so happy that my toothache is gone and can go to vacation without pain and worry.  I was so much in pain and was about to knock my tooth out with Matt’s power drill.  The pain med that I was given did not work, though it made me loopy and places I called around says “we can put you in the schedule for next week”….. I was basically giving up and then a friend of mine told me to call you for help.  Anyhow, I am soooo lucky that I had a Dr. like you who understands patients immediate need and pain and urgency to fix the teeth.  As I said, Matt and I called around more than 10 places for help and no luck.  (They do not understand how much pain I am having!!)

Again, thank you so much for fixing my tooth.  I know you and your staff sacrificed your break and lunch time to fix my tooth.  I cannot thank you enough for you guys and I am the happiest person in the whole world right now!!!

I will tell everyone if they need an endodontist, go to see you!!! I will also tell my dentist to send all of his patients to you too!!!

You guys are the best!

Thank you,



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